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Abe Lincoln – Vampire Hunter

Honest Abe puts night moves on Evil Vampires. Read more »

The Contest Nobody Wants to Win

The Colonel here!  I have been following this contest on the Facebook page for a while, what a strange bunch we are.  The clues are abundant and yours truly has even thrown down the gauntlet so to speak to try to engage some of my fellow Steampunkers to raise the bar and succeed at winning a nice booty.  Oh, wait, The […] Read more »

Welcome to Art!

The Goddess Talon knows of all things art! She even has a camera that uses “film.” Read more »

Punk Rails about Corset Prices – also provides good links

This is from The Sequential Tart “I was very interested in all the booths with corsets, as I’d like to go steampunk next year, but all the ones I looked at were over $100. (The corset I once had was great and yet had only cost me $65 — curse inflation and this rotten economy!) […] Read more »

W.E.L.D.E.R. Steampunked Game

gaming app of the day W.E.L.D.E.R. for iPhone and iPad: Scrabble and Boggle get Steampunk’d Bulent Yusuf -   The other week we were playing Scrabble in the pub. We got our arses totally kicked to seven shades of Sunday. We tried to save face and moaned that the board had been sabotaged because of […] Read more »

Steampunk Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving There is no other Holiday like Thanksgiving. School children all across the nation recreate the events that we associate with the First Thanksgiving. Of course, any historian call tell you we have it mostly wrong. The Pilgrims were fundamentalist Puritans. So they thought that they could likely please God best by fasting – Not […] Read more »

New Novel

By Stephanie Tipple For PotomacLocal.com Two authors from Prince William County have made waves in the steampunk genre with their latest book, Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel. This novel is the first collaborative work from, Tee Morris, 43, and Pip Ballantine, 40, and is set in Victorian era London. It follows the […] Read more »

A Happy Steampunk Song

This video from youtube is a favorite of the Old Goat. Listen carefully and if you are not already well versed in all things Steampunk, this tune will go a long way to educate you about the genre. Read more »